About Us

About The Owner

Meet Marc Fargotstein

Industry Certifications:
Novell NetWare Administrator
Microsoft Certified Professional
CompTIA A+ Network
Cisco Certified Network Administrator
Marc Fargotstein has worked in the computer industry since
1985, starting his computer career building, configuring and
testing computers and selling educational software. For the
past decade Marc worked as a computer engineer in schools
throughout the country and as a trainer of teachers and students
who were learning how to use computers and computer based
courseware. In 2005, Marc obtained a Masters of Science
Degree in Educational Technology.
About Our Business

TRIANGLE COMPUTER SERVICES is built on the idea that
you, the consumer or small business deserve a better choice
when it comes to your computing needs. Rather then dealing
with big retailers who treat you like a number or fly by night
geeks who are only concerned with how much you can
spend, this company is dedicated to helping you achieve your
goals. Whether it is purchasing or repairing a computer or
network, deciding what software best fits your needs or
receiving the proper training on how to use your computer or
software, TRIANGLE COMPUTER SERVICES will do the job
right, guaranteed!